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Jockey Club Ti-I College

Jockey Club Ti-I College is a secondary school in Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Jockey Club Ti-I College was established by a total funding of 84 million from Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club. The setting up of a secondary school, which is not only focused on normal academic curriculum, but also aimed to develop students' potential of visual arts and sports, was proposed by Sir Edward Youde, a late governor of Hong Kong.


The idea of founding the school originated from the late governor, Sir Edward Youde. He proposed the setting up of a secondary school in Hong Kong which would not only emphasize academic performance but would also provide an opportunity to develop students' potentials in sports and visual arts.
In November 1985, the Chief Secretary came to an agreement with the Hong Kong Jockey Club that such a school would be built in Shatin. A total funding of eighty-four million Hong Kong dollars was established by the RHKJC and the Government.

The Education Department invited professionals and educators to form the School Management Board. The school commenced its operation in September 1989 and is now in full swing.

School Motto

* Sports
** We should take good care of our bodies.We can do something great provided that we have healthy bodies.
** We should have sportsmanship. We should do our best in open competitions on a fair basis and be ready to accept the result.

* Humanity
** We should be humane.
** We should be kind to others, showing sympathy, kindness and understanding.

* Art
** We should be artistic.
** We should be creative.
** We should learn to appreciate the good things in our lives.

* Wisdom
** We should have the analytical power to analyse problems.
** We should be independent in thinking.
** We should cultivate the quality of having good judgement.

Special Features

Jockey Club Ti-I College is one of the very few secondary schools in Hong Kong with a dormitory. The maximum capacity of the dormitory is 96.

The college is also the first of its kind in Hong Kong, in which students are to choose between specializing in visual arts or sports when they get in. The idea is to develop students all-around abilities and interests besides academic excellence.


Students of Jockey Club Ti-I College are required to choose majoring either on visual arts or sports before admission. They are required to take the HKCEE exam in their chosen major subject.

Academic Results

The Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination
In 2006, the passing rates of Chinese, English and Mathematics were 88%, 90% and 92% respectively. The best result obtained was 5As2Bs1C.

The Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination
In 2006, the passing rates of Chinese and English were 100% and 97% respectively. The best result obtained was 3As1C. The university admission rate was 77%.

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