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Carmel Pak U Secondary School

Carmel Pak U Secondary School is a Christian fundamentalism co-educational secondary school in Tai Po, Hong Kong.

School Mission

Carmel Pak U Secondary School is founded on the Christian Faith with the aim of providing whole-person education which caters to the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual development of the students.

School Features

School Management

In light of the four basic areas of growth of Jesus Christ stated in Luke 2:52 in the Bible, four committees, namely, Academic Affairs Committee, Discipline and Moral Education Committee, Religious Activities Committee, and Extra-Curricular Activities Committee, are formed to take care of the development of students in these four areas. Additionally, a committee named Guidance and Award Scheme Committee is formed to guide the students to have a balanced growth in those four areas and to acknowledge their attainments through the Award Scheme.

Modern Facilities

In order to provide a better learning environment, modern facilities are well-equipped in each classroom and special room. There are 8 devices and 1 screen in every room, including the LCD projector, visualizer, overhead projector, DVD player, videocassette recorder, tape recorder, wireless PA system, air-conditioner and the screen. Computers, clocker and thermometers are also installed in each room in recent years. In addition, cable/wireless broadband network is connected and more than 345 computers are installed throughout the campus. In Year 2007-2008, free telephone-dialing services are set in each floor for the convenience of students to contact their relatives.

School Ethos & Support to Students

The school set high standards for student discipline. Through clear regulations and strict enforcement, the school cultivate in students a self-disciplined and law-abiding spirit. There are Prefect Team and Community Youth Club guiding students to care about the country and serve the community. Over the years, many of students the school were selected as Outstanding CYC Members and were granted study trips to Singapore, Vancouver, Beijing, Xian, Dalian, etc. The school also promote positive views of life to students through talks, workshops, camps, and individual counselling. Student Counsellor Scheme, in which senior students help junior students, creates a caring and loving campus ethos. Teachers in the school love to share their Christian faith and help students with their personal problems. Students in the school are highly praised for their decent behaviours and good attitudes. Some distinguished ones have been named Grantham Scholars, HKSAR Outstanding Students, NT Outstanding Student, Tai Po Outstanding Students, etc.

Class Structures and Admission

Admitted to the school are all Band 1 students. In HKCEE 2007, 98.1% of students in the school got five passes or above; and 99.5%, 100%, and 97.6% passed in Chinese, English, and Mathematics, respectively. Moreover, 17.5% of students in the school had scored Level 5* in Chinese, which is the highest percentage among Hong Kong secondary schools in HKCEE 2007. Over the years, many have even scored 7 or 8 distinctions in the HKCEE and 4 or 5 distinctions in HKALE. The school is among the few schools that have three F.6 classes. All of the F.6 places are filled up by the own graduates of the school. Last year, 95.5% of our F.7 graduates were admitted to universities through JUPAS, while 3 F.6 students were admitted through Early Admission Scheme.

Junior Forms

Students Places

* F.1 admission places: 200
* 5 class in each form
* about 40 students at 1 class

Subjects Offered

* Biblical Knowledge
* Chinese Language
* English Language
* Mathematics
* Integrated Science
* Liberal Studies
* Computer Literacy
* Putonghua
* Chinese History
* Economics & Public Affairs
* Geography
* History
* Design & Technology
* Home Economics
* Visual Arts
* Music
* Physical Education

Certificate Level

Subjects Offered

* Biblical Knowledge
* Chinese Language
* English Language
* Mathematics
* Music
* Physical Education

Subjects Offered

* Chinese Literature
* Chinese History
* History
* Geography
* Additional Mathematics
* Physics
* Chemistry
* Biology
* Computer & Information Technology
* Economics

Advanced Level

Subject Offered

* Biblical Knowledge
* AS Chinese Language & Culture
* AS Use of English
* Music
* Physical Education

Subject Offered

* AL Chinese Literature
* AL Chinese History
* AL History
* AL Geography
* AL Pure Mathematics
* AL Physics
* AL Chemistry
* AL Biology
* AL Economics

Subject Offered

* AS Mathematics & Statistics
* AS Computer Application

Students Organizations


3rd Award in Intel ISEF 2007, 2nd Award in National Youth Technology Innovation Competition. Champions under our name include Inter-school Debating Competition, SCOLAR Debating Competition for Junior Secondary Students, HK Student Science Project Competition, HK Chemistry Olympiad, HK Biology Olympiad, Inter-school Eco Itinerary Design Competition, and many more. Runners-up include HK Inter-school Quiz Competition, Discover Hong Kong Quiz, HSBC Hong Kong Schools IT Festival, etc. Besides, many Outstanding Student Environmental Protection Ambassadors were granted study trips to England, Singapore, Thailand, etc. The students in the school have also represented HK to compete in USA, Beijing, Shanghai and Macau, etc and won many awards.

Prizes won in inter-school music, speech, and drama competitions are numerous, including Director of Education Trophy, Most Outstanding NT Secondary Choir, Best NT Secondary Mixed Voice Choir, Best NT Secondary Boys Choir, Best NT Secondary Girls Choir, and Best NT Secondary Junior Choir. The Chinese Orchestra, Handbell Choir, and Drama Club in the school have all been ranked the first among Hong Kong schools. The sports teams in the school have not only won prizes in Hong Kong, some of their outstanding members also represented Hong Kong to compete overseas.

Academic Affairs Committee


* Chinese Society
* English Society
* Mathematics Society
* Science Society
* Computer Society
* History Society
* Social Science Society

School Team

* Mathematics Team
* Chinese Debate Team
* General QA Team
* Putonghua Team

Students Services Team

* Students Librarian
* Book-packing Group
* Environmental Ambassador

Interest Group

* Putonghua Interest Group
* Electronic Models Class
* Astronomy Interest Group

Discipline and Moral Education Committee

Voluntary Services

* Community Youth Club

Students Services Team

* Prefect

Religious Activities Committee


* Gospel Fortnight
* Christian Fellowship


* Gospel Team

Extra-Curricular Activities Committee

Guidance and Award Scheme Committee

Famous Alumni

* Dr. Yuen Man Fung

School Themes

* 07-08: Integrity builds up our lives
* 06-07: Treasure your precious life and meaningfully live an abundant life
* 05-06: Firmly build up wholesome convictions, strenuously counteract crooked waves
* 04-05: Build up wholesome convictions, counteract crooked waves
* 03-04: Our sliver jubilee shines with God's grace, together we persist with whole-person education
* 02-03: 慎思明辨 誠實正直
* 01-02: 良善忠心

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