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Immanuel Lutheran College (Hong Kong)

Immanuel Lutheran College is an aided secondary school in Hong Kong since 1983.


The antecedent of Immanuel Lutheran College was Immanuel Lutheran English Middle School which was run inside a private mansion in Kwun Tong.

In 1978, it was a caput school and before long, it became an aided school. The transition was completed in 1982.

Due to the limitation of the school building, the South Asian Lutheran Evangelical Mission was advised by the Education Department to phase out the Immanuel Lutheran English middle School and instead start a new school in the New Territories. Eventually, Immanuel Lutheran College was established in 1983.

In the first year, the ILC had only Secondary 1 and Secondary 4 but it gradually became a school with all levels from Secondary 1 to Secondary 7.

From 1996 summer to the fall of 1997, a large scale school improvement construction project had been carried out to put up a new wing at the main entrance. The project provided more classrooms for academic and extra-circular activities and better working conditions for teaching staff.

In order to meet up Information Technology, an ITC network with Intranet connection and broadband Internet connection has been developed.

There are now two Multimedia Language Centres, two Computer Rooms, one Multimedia Production Centre, and one Multimedia Studio in the school.

Symbolization of School Logo

The cross at the top represents the school's christianity background; the grid '''' and the pearl at the centre symbolizes Tai Po at its early stages; the source of book, with pages printed Greek alphabets Alpha and Omega, can be derived from an bible scripture: "''I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.''" , and also indicated the thought of Christian education.


The supervisor, the first and the recent one, is Mr. Mark Sprengeler and the principal is Mr. Yeung Wing Kit.

The assistant principals are Mr. Lau Yeung Shan,and Ms Wong Yiu Kiu.

List of ILC Principals

Order Year Name
1 1983-2004 Mr. Yau Chun Wan
2 2004- Mr. Yeung Wing Kit

Student life

ILC students are divided into four houses, , , Esther and Deborah, which are famous names that appear in the Old Testament.

Highlighted Features

English Learning Centre

English Learning Centre, ELC, which was a former computer room, are located at 3/F of ILC.

This centre has been decorated warmly in order to favour students to learn in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

11 computers are available and well-equipped for e-Learning.

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