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Cheung Chuk Shan College

Cheung Chuk Shan College is a Hong Kong aided co-educational secondary school founded in 1969 by a group of philanthropists of the Five Districts Business Welfare Association . The school is named after Mr. Cheung Chuk Shan.

The school is located at 11 Cloud View Road, North Point of the of Hong Kong.

School Motto

Competent , Conscientious , Studious , Creative .


Cheung Chuk Shan College was founded in 1969 as an aided and co-educational school by a group of philanthropists of the Five Districts Business Welfare Association to provide education for the less privileged children in Hong Kong in memory of the father of Messrs. Cheung Yok Luen and Yuk Leung.

The School commenced its operation on 10 September 1969. Its inauguration ceremony was officiated by , the then Governor of Hong Kong, on 6 October 1970. At the beginning, only twelve classes from Form 1 to Form 3 were run, a total of 445 students. In September 1971, there were 22 classes, including two Form 5 Arts and Science classes, which first sat for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination in May 1972. Subsequently, two Form 6 Arts and Science classes were opened with its first batch of students participating in the University of Hong Kong Matriculation Examination in April 1974. The School then became a secondary school with 29 classes and an enrolment of approximately 1,100 students.

Up to the late 1990s, more emphasis was put on academic performance over extracurricular activities. Several different teams responsible for the activities were set up to promote social awareness, cultivate positive behaviour and advocate whole person development. For example, funded by the Quality Education Fund, the Sunflower Scheme was initiated by the school in 1996 to encourage students to join more activities and strike a balance among the five aspects of whole-person education, i.e. moral 德, intellectual 智, physical 體, social 群 and aesthetic 美.

After the , the school was formally approved by the then Education Department on 1 December 1997 to continue using English as the medium of instruction in September 1998 and beyond, along with some other 100 secondary schools. Currently, under the 3-banding secondary education system, the school is one of the first band secondary school, and is famous for good performance in Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination and Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination.

Class Structure

Currently, the school is co-educational and has five classes from Form 1 to Form 3, each form consisting of 200 students; five classes in Form 4 to 5, each form consisting 200 students having 2 science classes and 3 arts classes; two classes in Form 6 and 7, each form consisting 60 students having 1 science class and 1 arts class.


Since establishment, the school has been an English as School. Currently, except Chinese-related subjects, all other subjects are taught in .

Currently, the school offers the following academic subjects: English language , Chinese language , Mathematics subjects , Putonghua, Computer Literacy, Computer and Information technology, Integrated Science , Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese literature, Chinese history, Commerce, Geography, History, Economics and Public Affairs and Principle of Accounts.

In addition, the college also provides Design Fundamentals, Home Economics, Music, Physical Education and Life Education for lower form students.


The campus is a 7-floor building, with a library, four laboratories for natural science subjects, classrooms for Music, Geography, Visual Art and Home Economics, a canteen with a covered playground nearby, and a basketball court. In 2000, the activity rooms at the ground floor were founded for holding internal extracurricular activities. In the same year, funded by the Quality Education Fund of the Hong Kong government, the language laboratory was transformed into a multimedia learning centre. Further changes are to be made for the school's hall, like the installation of an air-conditioning system.

School Management Committee

Honorary Supervisor:
Mrs. Irene Y.L. Cheung, MBE, JP

Mr. K.T. Chan

School Managers:
Mr. Y.L. Cheung
Dr. W. Cheung
Mr. Michael H.C. Tang
Mr. S.L. Chu
Mr. S.C. Leung, JP
Mr. Y.Y. Chow
Mr. W. Au Yeung
Mr. H.K. Chan, JP

Teaching Staff

Among the 57 teaching staff members, 55 are graduates of whom 16 are holders of a Master’s degree and 2 are graduates of Colleges of Education. 96.5% of the teachers have already received professional training. The IT competencies of our teachers were 100% BIT, 80.7% IIT, 29.8% UIT and 3.5% AIT.

School Organization


School Song

Music and lyrics of the school song were written by NG Pong-wai, Brenda, a former student of the school

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