Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CCC Yenching College

The Church of Christ in China Yenching College , or CCC Yenching College, Yenching College in short is a co-education secondary school in Nga Ying Chau of Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong. The school is manage by The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China.

The secondary school was founded by alumni and teaching staff from Yenching University in Peking after the school was forced to incorporate in Peking University by Communist Party of China in 1952. The founders hoped that the school would restore to the university someday.

In 1977 they reused an old building of South Sok Uk Government Primary School and established a secondary school in So Uk Estate. They named it Yenching College. In September 2000, it was moved to current premises in Nga Ying Chau, adjacent to Villa Esplanada. The old campus was passed to Vocational Training Council School of Business and Information Systems , namely nowadays Vocational Training Council Youth College .

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