Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CNEC Christian College

CNEC Christian College is a subsidised Medium of Instruction school founded in 1973. It is a Christian school.

School vision and mission

* To provide holistic education
* To nurture people of excellence
* To promulgate the Truth and lead students to abundant life


The school, with a floor area 100,000 square feet , comprises three teaching blocks with lift tower installed, a hall, two covered playgrounds, two basketball courts, four volleyball courts, two gardens and a six-lane running track.


CNECCC is considered a pretigious school in the district, and also gained overwhelming fame by winning most major Quiz competitions these recent years. Not without its good performance in extra-curricular activities, but also its excellent performance in public exams have been favorable to the enrolment. Over the recent years, the number of application to S1 place of CNECCC has been being top 3 in Hong Kong, follows St. Paul Co. ed. and sometimes Queen's College.

Quiz Team

CNEC Christian College has long been famous for its Quiz Team which has been joining every major quiz competition in Hong Kong since the 80's. According to unofficial sources, over 75% of prizes of the college were won by the Quiz Team.

The incumbent heads of the team are Mr. Ng Kar-Ho and Mr. Cheng Chi-Shing.

Public Exams

CNECCC does exceedingly well in the field of Mathemathics and Chemistry. For many years has CNECCC had 100% percentage of credit of Pure Mathematics. Few years ago, 9 out of 20 students got an A in Pure Mathematics .

The percentage of distinction of Pure Mathematics in 2007 was 22.22%, while it was 15.38% in Queen's College. The percentage of credit of Pure Mathematics at the same year was 94.4%, while it was 73.08% in Queen's College.

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