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Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School

Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School , or CLSMSS in short, is a secondary school in Yuen Long, Hong Kong. It was founded in 1979. It is a Band 1 school and is one of the 14 Government schools approved for using English as the medium of instruction for all levels.

The school's mission is to provide students with a balanced education aimed at excellence in moral, intellectual, physical, interpersonal and aesthetic development and at fulfillment of the school motto - Wisdom, Virtue, Honesty and Progress, whereby they can achieve self-actualization in all respects throughout their lives and as leaders of tomorrow.

Class System

The school has approximately 200 students in each year from S1 to S5 and 60 students in S6 and S7. Students are divided into 5 classes A, B, C, D, E according to their academic performance, with A and B being the better classes. Remedial lessons are also arranged to give support to students of lower ability.

Medium of Instruction

Except Chinese subjects, cultural subjects and Civic Education and Liberal Studies, English is used in learning and teaching in all subjects.

School Song

Chinese lyrics: 韓黃婉雙

English lyrics:

House System

Students are divided into four houses, regardless of what class they are in. The houses are Wisdom, Virtue, Honesty, and Progress.
Houses compete against each other in Swimming Gala and Athletics Meet.

House Color

Wisdom - Red

Virtue - Yellow

Honesty - Blue

Progress - Green

Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School

Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School is a middle school in Hong Kong. It was established in 1970 by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong; Christ the King Church was an affiliated body until 1 September, 1999, imbursed by the Government of Hong Kong.

The school is situated on Fuk Wing Street, Cheung Sha Wan. The language of conduction in classes is English. From Form 1 to Form 5, only boys can be admitted according to the traditional policy of admission; however, co-education is introduced at the level of matriculation .


The school excels at both academic and extracurricular areas. Being well known in sport area, the school has consecutively acquired the championship of boys' overall grades in Catholic Diocesan Secondary Schools Joint Athletics Meet 15 times and has also made bonds between prestigious schools such as King George V school.

Examination of 25 Laps

Every student, even the form-one new comers, has to take part in the examination of running 25 laps around the campus. This enables students to have a healthy life and also raise their interest in sports. Perhaps it is the underlying reason for the success of its cross-country team.

Cheung Chuk Shan College

Cheung Chuk Shan College is a Hong Kong aided co-educational secondary school founded in 1969 by a group of philanthropists of the Five Districts Business Welfare Association . The school is named after Mr. Cheung Chuk Shan.

The school is located at 11 Cloud View Road, North Point of the of Hong Kong.

School Motto

Competent , Conscientious , Studious , Creative .


Cheung Chuk Shan College was founded in 1969 as an aided and co-educational school by a group of philanthropists of the Five Districts Business Welfare Association to provide education for the less privileged children in Hong Kong in memory of the father of Messrs. Cheung Yok Luen and Yuk Leung.

The School commenced its operation on 10 September 1969. Its inauguration ceremony was officiated by , the then Governor of Hong Kong, on 6 October 1970. At the beginning, only twelve classes from Form 1 to Form 3 were run, a total of 445 students. In September 1971, there were 22 classes, including two Form 5 Arts and Science classes, which first sat for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination in May 1972. Subsequently, two Form 6 Arts and Science classes were opened with its first batch of students participating in the University of Hong Kong Matriculation Examination in April 1974. The School then became a secondary school with 29 classes and an enrolment of approximately 1,100 students.

Up to the late 1990s, more emphasis was put on academic performance over extracurricular activities. Several different teams responsible for the activities were set up to promote social awareness, cultivate positive behaviour and advocate whole person development. For example, funded by the Quality Education Fund, the Sunflower Scheme was initiated by the school in 1996 to encourage students to join more activities and strike a balance among the five aspects of whole-person education, i.e. moral 德, intellectual 智, physical 體, social 群 and aesthetic 美.

After the , the school was formally approved by the then Education Department on 1 December 1997 to continue using English as the medium of instruction in September 1998 and beyond, along with some other 100 secondary schools. Currently, under the 3-banding secondary education system, the school is one of the first band secondary school, and is famous for good performance in Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination and Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination.

Class Structure

Currently, the school is co-educational and has five classes from Form 1 to Form 3, each form consisting of 200 students; five classes in Form 4 to 5, each form consisting 200 students having 2 science classes and 3 arts classes; two classes in Form 6 and 7, each form consisting 60 students having 1 science class and 1 arts class.


Since establishment, the school has been an English as School. Currently, except Chinese-related subjects, all other subjects are taught in .

Currently, the school offers the following academic subjects: English language , Chinese language , Mathematics subjects , Putonghua, Computer Literacy, Computer and Information technology, Integrated Science , Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese literature, Chinese history, Commerce, Geography, History, Economics and Public Affairs and Principle of Accounts.

In addition, the college also provides Design Fundamentals, Home Economics, Music, Physical Education and Life Education for lower form students.


The campus is a 7-floor building, with a library, four laboratories for natural science subjects, classrooms for Music, Geography, Visual Art and Home Economics, a canteen with a covered playground nearby, and a basketball court. In 2000, the activity rooms at the ground floor were founded for holding internal extracurricular activities. In the same year, funded by the Quality Education Fund of the Hong Kong government, the language laboratory was transformed into a multimedia learning centre. Further changes are to be made for the school's hall, like the installation of an air-conditioning system.

School Management Committee

Honorary Supervisor:
Mrs. Irene Y.L. Cheung, MBE, JP

Mr. K.T. Chan

School Managers:
Mr. Y.L. Cheung
Dr. W. Cheung
Mr. Michael H.C. Tang
Mr. S.L. Chu
Mr. S.C. Leung, JP
Mr. Y.Y. Chow
Mr. W. Au Yeung
Mr. H.K. Chan, JP

Teaching Staff

Among the 57 teaching staff members, 55 are graduates of whom 16 are holders of a Master’s degree and 2 are graduates of Colleges of Education. 96.5% of the teachers have already received professional training. The IT competencies of our teachers were 100% BIT, 80.7% IIT, 29.8% UIT and 3.5% AIT.

School Organization


School Song

Music and lyrics of the school song were written by NG Pong-wai, Brenda, a former student of the school

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Carmel Pak U Secondary School

Carmel Pak U Secondary School is a Christian fundamentalism co-educational secondary school in Tai Po, Hong Kong.

School Mission

Carmel Pak U Secondary School is founded on the Christian Faith with the aim of providing whole-person education which caters to the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual development of the students.

School Features

School Management

In light of the four basic areas of growth of Jesus Christ stated in Luke 2:52 in the Bible, four committees, namely, Academic Affairs Committee, Discipline and Moral Education Committee, Religious Activities Committee, and Extra-Curricular Activities Committee, are formed to take care of the development of students in these four areas. Additionally, a committee named Guidance and Award Scheme Committee is formed to guide the students to have a balanced growth in those four areas and to acknowledge their attainments through the Award Scheme.

Modern Facilities

In order to provide a better learning environment, modern facilities are well-equipped in each classroom and special room. There are 8 devices and 1 screen in every room, including the LCD projector, visualizer, overhead projector, DVD player, videocassette recorder, tape recorder, wireless PA system, air-conditioner and the screen. Computers, clocker and thermometers are also installed in each room in recent years. In addition, cable/wireless broadband network is connected and more than 345 computers are installed throughout the campus. In Year 2007-2008, free telephone-dialing services are set in each floor for the convenience of students to contact their relatives.

School Ethos & Support to Students

The school set high standards for student discipline. Through clear regulations and strict enforcement, the school cultivate in students a self-disciplined and law-abiding spirit. There are Prefect Team and Community Youth Club guiding students to care about the country and serve the community. Over the years, many of students the school were selected as Outstanding CYC Members and were granted study trips to Singapore, Vancouver, Beijing, Xian, Dalian, etc. The school also promote positive views of life to students through talks, workshops, camps, and individual counselling. Student Counsellor Scheme, in which senior students help junior students, creates a caring and loving campus ethos. Teachers in the school love to share their Christian faith and help students with their personal problems. Students in the school are highly praised for their decent behaviours and good attitudes. Some distinguished ones have been named Grantham Scholars, HKSAR Outstanding Students, NT Outstanding Student, Tai Po Outstanding Students, etc.

Class Structures and Admission

Admitted to the school are all Band 1 students. In HKCEE 2007, 98.1% of students in the school got five passes or above; and 99.5%, 100%, and 97.6% passed in Chinese, English, and Mathematics, respectively. Moreover, 17.5% of students in the school had scored Level 5* in Chinese, which is the highest percentage among Hong Kong secondary schools in HKCEE 2007. Over the years, many have even scored 7 or 8 distinctions in the HKCEE and 4 or 5 distinctions in HKALE. The school is among the few schools that have three F.6 classes. All of the F.6 places are filled up by the own graduates of the school. Last year, 95.5% of our F.7 graduates were admitted to universities through JUPAS, while 3 F.6 students were admitted through Early Admission Scheme.

Junior Forms

Students Places

* F.1 admission places: 200
* 5 class in each form
* about 40 students at 1 class

Subjects Offered

* Biblical Knowledge
* Chinese Language
* English Language
* Mathematics
* Integrated Science
* Liberal Studies
* Computer Literacy
* Putonghua
* Chinese History
* Economics & Public Affairs
* Geography
* History
* Design & Technology
* Home Economics
* Visual Arts
* Music
* Physical Education

Certificate Level

Subjects Offered

* Biblical Knowledge
* Chinese Language
* English Language
* Mathematics
* Music
* Physical Education

Subjects Offered

* Chinese Literature
* Chinese History
* History
* Geography
* Additional Mathematics
* Physics
* Chemistry
* Biology
* Computer & Information Technology
* Economics

Advanced Level

Subject Offered

* Biblical Knowledge
* AS Chinese Language & Culture
* AS Use of English
* Music
* Physical Education

Subject Offered

* AL Chinese Literature
* AL Chinese History
* AL History
* AL Geography
* AL Pure Mathematics
* AL Physics
* AL Chemistry
* AL Biology
* AL Economics

Subject Offered

* AS Mathematics & Statistics
* AS Computer Application

Students Organizations


3rd Award in Intel ISEF 2007, 2nd Award in National Youth Technology Innovation Competition. Champions under our name include Inter-school Debating Competition, SCOLAR Debating Competition for Junior Secondary Students, HK Student Science Project Competition, HK Chemistry Olympiad, HK Biology Olympiad, Inter-school Eco Itinerary Design Competition, and many more. Runners-up include HK Inter-school Quiz Competition, Discover Hong Kong Quiz, HSBC Hong Kong Schools IT Festival, etc. Besides, many Outstanding Student Environmental Protection Ambassadors were granted study trips to England, Singapore, Thailand, etc. The students in the school have also represented HK to compete in USA, Beijing, Shanghai and Macau, etc and won many awards.

Prizes won in inter-school music, speech, and drama competitions are numerous, including Director of Education Trophy, Most Outstanding NT Secondary Choir, Best NT Secondary Mixed Voice Choir, Best NT Secondary Boys Choir, Best NT Secondary Girls Choir, and Best NT Secondary Junior Choir. The Chinese Orchestra, Handbell Choir, and Drama Club in the school have all been ranked the first among Hong Kong schools. The sports teams in the school have not only won prizes in Hong Kong, some of their outstanding members also represented Hong Kong to compete overseas.

Academic Affairs Committee


* Chinese Society
* English Society
* Mathematics Society
* Science Society
* Computer Society
* History Society
* Social Science Society

School Team

* Mathematics Team
* Chinese Debate Team
* General QA Team
* Putonghua Team

Students Services Team

* Students Librarian
* Book-packing Group
* Environmental Ambassador

Interest Group

* Putonghua Interest Group
* Electronic Models Class
* Astronomy Interest Group

Discipline and Moral Education Committee

Voluntary Services

* Community Youth Club

Students Services Team

* Prefect

Religious Activities Committee


* Gospel Fortnight
* Christian Fellowship


* Gospel Team

Extra-Curricular Activities Committee

Guidance and Award Scheme Committee

Famous Alumni

* Dr. Yuen Man Fung

School Themes

* 07-08: Integrity builds up our lives
* 06-07: Treasure your precious life and meaningfully live an abundant life
* 05-06: Firmly build up wholesome convictions, strenuously counteract crooked waves
* 04-05: Build up wholesome convictions, counteract crooked waves
* 03-04: Our sliver jubilee shines with God's grace, together we persist with whole-person education
* 02-03: 慎思明辨 誠實正直
* 01-02: 良善忠心

Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School

Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School is a secondary school in Hong Kong established in 1982.

School Management Committee

The School Management Committee is the top management of a subsidized secondary school. It is of key importance to the school. The members of this School Management Committee are all multi-disciplined professionals with years of social experience. They are familiar with the education system in Hong Kong. Having a vision in education, they possess enthusiasm and devotion to run a school.

School Mission

As a Christian secondary school, this school aim
at providing whole-person education to their
students. In addition to striving for academic
excellence, this school help their students to learn about
God, and to promote a positive outlook on life
and a sound value system. In facilitating their
students to exert their full potentialities, school
encourage them to learn actively, think and discern with prudence, develop self-discipline,
responsibility, a sense of commitment; Also,this school want them to be able to respect their teachers
and love their friends, be filial to their parents, be caring to society and country;
and motivate them to demonstrate the spirit of faithfulness to the Lord and service to
mankind, as well as unleash their potential.

Staff and Students

The school consists about 1200 students from 30 classes and 70 staff at the year of 2007/2008.


A Reading Award Scheme is launched to
establish a reading culture among students,
with the aim of enhancing students’ language
proficiency and their ability to learn and learn

Starting from the academic year 2004-05,
online learning through the eClass platform is
introduced to our school. An individual
account is allocated to every teacher and student, so that students can continue their
online learning after school and during holidays. Through the platform, teachers and
students can carry out online discussions as well as obtain the latest information.

In 1992, This school introduced a new subject “ASL Liberal Studies” to school-based
curriculum. Their students have received outstanding results in the subject in public
examinations over the years.
In the 2004 Advanced Level Examinations, their students
have even achieved a 100% passing rate in Liberal Studies. In addition, this school students have
won many awards in various research project competitions organized by universities.

Beginning from 2005, they introduced Liberal Studies to our Form One curriculum, so that
students would be familiarized with this compulsory subject that will be implemented
under the new academic structure. Liberal Studies equips students to understand today’s
social, national and global issues. It also helps students to construct knowledge, develop
their own standpoints and critical thinking skills. In line with the Liberal Studies
Curriculum, they have introduced Project Learning to their students. Students are assigned a
topic or a question.
Based on the topic or question, they have to collect and organize
information, investigate and analyze the question from different perspectives, draw
conclusions and present their project outcomes in various formats. Through the process
of Project Learning, they aim at teaching our students to learn how to learn and helping
them to develop multi-generic skills, such as critical thinking skills, creativity,
collaboration skills, etc.

Academic and Extracurricular Performances

In the past three years, thirteen
subjects obtained 90% or above passing
rate in the HKCE and HKAL
examinations , 80% in ten other subjects,
and the distinction and credit rate of 16
subjects has been above the average rate in
Hong Kong.
In respect of extra-curricular performances, this school students have won a number
of awards in the following competitions:
*Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and Music Festival
*Hong Kong Multiple Intelligence Competition
*Hong Kong New Generation IQ Contest
*Statistical Project Competition for Secondary School Students,
*Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival,

*Chinese-chess and Go Competition,
*various international and districts sand sculpturing competitions,
*New Territories and Kwai Tsing district competitions:
*All Hong Kong Schools and Asian bowling and competition,
*Hong Kong Reading Carnival Booth Design Competition

School Facilities

*26 Standard classroom
*One School Hall
*3 Teching Staff Room
*Washroom include all the floor
*3 computer Room
*4 Laboratory
**Integrated Science Laboratory
**Chemical Laboratory
**Physical Laboratory
**Biology Laboratory
**Prepare Room
*Boys and Girls changing room
*DesignAnd TechnologyRoom
*Home EconomicsRoom
**NeedleWork Room
*GeographyRoom and Self Learning Centre
*4 Basketball Court
*1 Integrated Sport space
*1 indoor Playground
*Garden Place
*Artand DesignRoom
**include onemultimedia Art and Design Centre
*multimedia Teaching materials Room
*1 Gymnasium Room
* Corner

School Campus Area include wireless Internet Service.

School Song

CNEC Lee I Yao Memorial Secondary School

CNEC Lee I Yao Memorial Secondary School is an aided Chinese medium of instruction school. LIY was founded in 1981 upon the principles of Christian evangelicalism. Its sponsoring body is the Christian Nationals Evangelical Commission .

LIY is located in Kwai Shing, within the larger industrial district of Kwai Chung, famous for its busy container terminal.

CNEC Christian College

CNEC Christian College is a subsidised Medium of Instruction school founded in 1973. It is a Christian school.

School vision and mission

* To provide holistic education
* To nurture people of excellence
* To promulgate the Truth and lead students to abundant life


The school, with a floor area 100,000 square feet , comprises three teaching blocks with lift tower installed, a hall, two covered playgrounds, two basketball courts, four volleyball courts, two gardens and a six-lane running track.


CNECCC is considered a pretigious school in the district, and also gained overwhelming fame by winning most major Quiz competitions these recent years. Not without its good performance in extra-curricular activities, but also its excellent performance in public exams have been favorable to the enrolment. Over the recent years, the number of application to S1 place of CNECCC has been being top 3 in Hong Kong, follows St. Paul Co. ed. and sometimes Queen's College.

Quiz Team

CNEC Christian College has long been famous for its Quiz Team which has been joining every major quiz competition in Hong Kong since the 80's. According to unofficial sources, over 75% of prizes of the college were won by the Quiz Team.

The incumbent heads of the team are Mr. Ng Kar-Ho and Mr. Cheng Chi-Shing.

Public Exams

CNECCC does exceedingly well in the field of Mathemathics and Chemistry. For many years has CNECCC had 100% percentage of credit of Pure Mathematics. Few years ago, 9 out of 20 students got an A in Pure Mathematics .

The percentage of distinction of Pure Mathematics in 2007 was 22.22%, while it was 15.38% in Queen's College. The percentage of credit of Pure Mathematics at the same year was 94.4%, while it was 73.08% in Queen's College.