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Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School

Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School is a secondary school in Hong Kong established in 1982.

School Management Committee

The School Management Committee is the top management of a subsidized secondary school. It is of key importance to the school. The members of this School Management Committee are all multi-disciplined professionals with years of social experience. They are familiar with the education system in Hong Kong. Having a vision in education, they possess enthusiasm and devotion to run a school.

School Mission

As a Christian secondary school, this school aim
at providing whole-person education to their
students. In addition to striving for academic
excellence, this school help their students to learn about
God, and to promote a positive outlook on life
and a sound value system. In facilitating their
students to exert their full potentialities, school
encourage them to learn actively, think and discern with prudence, develop self-discipline,
responsibility, a sense of commitment; Also,this school want them to be able to respect their teachers
and love their friends, be filial to their parents, be caring to society and country;
and motivate them to demonstrate the spirit of faithfulness to the Lord and service to
mankind, as well as unleash their potential.

Staff and Students

The school consists about 1200 students from 30 classes and 70 staff at the year of 2007/2008.


A Reading Award Scheme is launched to
establish a reading culture among students,
with the aim of enhancing students’ language
proficiency and their ability to learn and learn

Starting from the academic year 2004-05,
online learning through the eClass platform is
introduced to our school. An individual
account is allocated to every teacher and student, so that students can continue their
online learning after school and during holidays. Through the platform, teachers and
students can carry out online discussions as well as obtain the latest information.

In 1992, This school introduced a new subject “ASL Liberal Studies” to school-based
curriculum. Their students have received outstanding results in the subject in public
examinations over the years.
In the 2004 Advanced Level Examinations, their students
have even achieved a 100% passing rate in Liberal Studies. In addition, this school students have
won many awards in various research project competitions organized by universities.

Beginning from 2005, they introduced Liberal Studies to our Form One curriculum, so that
students would be familiarized with this compulsory subject that will be implemented
under the new academic structure. Liberal Studies equips students to understand today’s
social, national and global issues. It also helps students to construct knowledge, develop
their own standpoints and critical thinking skills. In line with the Liberal Studies
Curriculum, they have introduced Project Learning to their students. Students are assigned a
topic or a question.
Based on the topic or question, they have to collect and organize
information, investigate and analyze the question from different perspectives, draw
conclusions and present their project outcomes in various formats. Through the process
of Project Learning, they aim at teaching our students to learn how to learn and helping
them to develop multi-generic skills, such as critical thinking skills, creativity,
collaboration skills, etc.

Academic and Extracurricular Performances

In the past three years, thirteen
subjects obtained 90% or above passing
rate in the HKCE and HKAL
examinations , 80% in ten other subjects,
and the distinction and credit rate of 16
subjects has been above the average rate in
Hong Kong.
In respect of extra-curricular performances, this school students have won a number
of awards in the following competitions:
*Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and Music Festival
*Hong Kong Multiple Intelligence Competition
*Hong Kong New Generation IQ Contest
*Statistical Project Competition for Secondary School Students,
*Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival,

*Chinese-chess and Go Competition,
*various international and districts sand sculpturing competitions,
*New Territories and Kwai Tsing district competitions:
*All Hong Kong Schools and Asian bowling and competition,
*Hong Kong Reading Carnival Booth Design Competition

School Facilities

*26 Standard classroom
*One School Hall
*3 Teching Staff Room
*Washroom include all the floor
*3 computer Room
*4 Laboratory
**Integrated Science Laboratory
**Chemical Laboratory
**Physical Laboratory
**Biology Laboratory
**Prepare Room
*Boys and Girls changing room
*DesignAnd TechnologyRoom
*Home EconomicsRoom
**NeedleWork Room
*GeographyRoom and Self Learning Centre
*4 Basketball Court
*1 Integrated Sport space
*1 indoor Playground
*Garden Place
*Artand DesignRoom
**include onemultimedia Art and Design Centre
*multimedia Teaching materials Room
*1 Gymnasium Room
* Corner

School Campus Area include wireless Internet Service.

School Song

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